Artwork: Burcu Karademir

The word “Ukde” means an unfulfilled desire, an unsolvable knot and something that bothers the heart. 

‘Ukde’ was created in an unconventional, almost magical way. 

Writing the music and lyrics for Ukde, Başak Günak & Melike Şahin seemed telepathically connected. Translating their feelings through their own mediums in different parts of the world, the lyrics (written by Melike Şahin in Istanbul) and the music and production (by Başak Günak in Berlin) seemed like missing halves waiting for each other.  

The song not only resolved a knot, it completed its story while connecting two different cities during the lock-down and bonded two artists on a deeper level while initiating a beautiful friendship.

In the production process, yaylı tambur (bowed long-neck lute from Turkey) is performed by Cenk Erdoğan. Guitars and synthesizers are performed by Günak. 

Artwork is done by Burcu Karademir, representing the melting and emergence of two worlds of Günak and Şahin. Vulnerable yet empowering modes of these transitions are reflected in Karademir’s vision. 

Supported by Musicboard Berlin GmbH