Label: Compost Records

Released on  October 2018


Together We Collide  EP

Released on  March 2017



Released on September 2016

Bastards – LP

Released March 2015

Label: Denovali Records

Bastards LP digs the surface and soon turn that hole into a living space, a home for all. Bastards albeit not orphans that are freed from models and possessions reckon no top or bottom, no right or wrong.

In these interstices, a band of un-mastered sounds and voices are composing a brotherhood of a new kind. This fatherless community of differents that gather and fall apart, meet and clash, now unfolds the horizon of infinite lines and curves, feverish desires and endless sympathies.



Released May 2013

Label: Denovali Records / Muzik Hayvani

Reissued: Denovali Records